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Workers Compensation Insurance in Central Iowa and the Surrounding Areas

Solidifying Workers Compensation Coverage for Iowa Businesses

It’s a resounding fact – accidents can happen. This concept is especially true for Iowa farms and businesses. Regardless of the type of the operation, scenarios resulting in injury or death can happen. It may not a topic of discussion business owners want to have; however, it’s a necessity to confirm protection for all parties associated.


At Neal Insurance, we administer workers compensation coverage for Iowa farms and businesses. If an on-the-job injury occurs, workers compensation can reimburse the cost of medical care, rehabilitation, and lost wages for workers, as well as death benefits for dependents. It also protects companies and agribusinesses from the financial burden of lawsuits prompted by third-party-over action claims or injured employee spouses.

Workers Compensation Coverage Details

Each state regulates workers comp with statues of limitations. The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) also plays a large role for the rate per class code. After the class code rate is established, each company in the open market will then assign their loss costs multiplier to the rate to adjust for their needs as a company. Our agents are experienced in navigating this process, and can educate you on the options accessible.


When an incident occurs for an insured business, workers compensation insurance at its core will:

  • Pay for an employee’s medical treatment
  • Replace lost wages if an injury requires time off work
  • Secure the insured business and its assets


We provide coverage through multiple standard line carriers with a track record of providing excellent medical and indemnity payouts to injured employees based of each state’s statute of limitations. Our carrier partners encompass both nationally and regionally as recognized brands.


Our agents stress to clients the importance of minimizing incidents resulting in claims before they arise. This is done through risk management practices, accompanied by company assistance to regulate and control a claim when it occurs.


It is important to note, for small and medium-sized businesses workers compensation insurance is not included in a typical business owners policy (BOP). Instead, it is offered as a standalone investment.


If you’re interested in adding workers compensation to your current coverage, or are prepared to begin a policy, feel free to request a quote.

Professional Agents Working Alongside Business Owners and Staff

Since workers compensation coverage is impacted and regulated more than most lines of insurance it is important an employer aligns themselves with experts in handling workers comp claims. Our agents have extended knowledge and experience with the claims process. We work with our customers to ensure not only their employees are taken care of, but they are secured as the employer as well.


We always begin our process with a comparative quote, which will ensure our rates are in line.  Then, we will review with the individual their current and future needs. Our job isn’t to stay in the past, but it is to look to the future. Risk and liability are always changing; this is why staying in front and finding solutions to minimizing exposures is essential.


After a policy is in place, we contact our customers on a quarterly basis to ensure their policy is up to date. From payroll to equipment, we want to make sure there are no surprises during the year-end audit.


To learn more about our workers compensation program, please contact an agent at your convenience.

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At Neal Insurance LLC, we’re proud to provide workers compensation insurance in Urbandale, Winterset, Ames, Clive, Ankeny, and West Des Moines, IA. We’re licensed serve clients throughout the state of Iowa. 

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